Multijoy title

> Multijoy - your multiplayer adapter

Multijoy is a multiplayer adapter for 8 and 16 computers upto 16 players. Currently it is possible to use it with Atari XL/XE and Commodore C64. Some attempts were also done on Atari ST. But there is no game ready yet. We hope other machines will follow in the future.

Original idea comes from Radek "Raster" Štěrba, who created first design together with Zdeněk Burian and M. Musil from Atari klub Prostějov in 1998. He published it in the Atari disk magazine Flop issue Nr. 41-42. And at his personal website. First game for 8 players was Červi. Design was revisited in Flop Nr. 50 with new findigs and improvements. There was also simple hardware tester published.

After Radeks unexpected death in 2011 we lost access to hardware. I made a new 8players PCB design then. You can download current version bellow. MultijoyHub could be used together with 2 Multijoy8 and increase the possible number of players to 16. In the mean time lot of games were developped and patched. Most od them were done by Fandal. You could find most of Multijoy games at his site. The latest game for 8 players is Sails of Doom by R0ger.

During last year Bob!k found a way how to use the Multijoy also with C64. New version of hardware followed. Today there are 2 games for C64 available by PCH/Unreal and Wotnau.

Multijoy 1.2c